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Operational Efficiencies

Modern Business Demands Have Evolved.

Many companies are clinging to outdated business application software to support their administrative workflows. Maintaining legacy technologies severely limits operational efficiency, and comes with an excessively large cost of maintenance.


Speed-to-Market for Business Growth

The modern commercial environment is changing all the time, and forward-thinking businesses have had to reimagine their product portfolios to meet the ever-growing demands of today’s tech-savvy consumer. This includes being able to quickly and reliably deploy high-quality web and mobile applications to your customers, who now expect cloud-enabled platforms that are intuitive and easy to navigate.

These days, customers simply can’t wait very long – and businesses understand that. In fact, Forrester found that a third of organizations are deploying applications once per week or more rapidly, while about 32% are releasing them monthly. Speed-to-market, when it comes to application development, is now more vital than ever for business growth. One of the biggest obstacles to speeding up app launch cycles is latency.

The problem with latency in app development

What causes latency in a company’s development process, exactly?

There are a number of sources for the slowdown of speed-to-market:

Week Collaboration

Traditional software simply doesn’t allow for meaningful collaboration across teams, and conventional coding approaches only empower highly-skilled programmers

Reliance on Manual Processes

Performing manual testing, release and production processes not only inflate your launch timeline, but also run high risks of buggy releases.

Slowed Monotoring and Testing

Firms that still haven’t automated their performance testing and product environment monitoring are missing out on accelerated application delivery and an improved customer experience.

High Speed, Quality Performance

In order to maintain a competitive advantage, companies must constantly deliver innovative and differentiated applications that give their customers what they want, quickly.

But today’s market environment requires not only speed, but also nearly flawless quality. Latency harms both speed-to-market and product quality, and applications with even a small bug or malfunction can be disastrous.


Customers have a very low tolerance for faulty technology, and if an app doesn’t run perfectly the first time they run it they will likely uninstall immediately and never try to download it again.

Even worse is that, according to Forrester, about 28% of companies say that customers themselves are the ones finding bugs in the production environment.

Not a good look – and certainly not conducive maintaining customer loyalty.

That’s why forward-thinking organizations are seeking out a digital transformation pathway that provides them with both a significantly faster app development cycle as well as reliable product quality that’s easy to test and rapidly improve.

The first step toward both of those goals is ditching legacy technologies and modernizing your operational workflows.


Entering the Digital Age

With DSiO, organizations now have a powerful choice to say goodbye to their legacy systems and enter the world of Smart applications.

The constraints of maintaining legacy technologies no longer have to be a burden, as modernized business-critical applications are easier than ever to implement.

With DSiO, businesses are empowered to quickly and seamlessly transition from their obsolete infrastructure and take advantage of:

√ Substantially boost software agility
√ Automate processes and business flows
√ Seamlessly integrate existing LoB Systems
√ Leverage blockchain technology and AI
√ and more…

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Operational Efficiencies




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