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Throughout your organization, enable your teams to be connected by creating, sharing and reusing workflows within Office 365.

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Your business can get (much) more from Office 365

Digitalspace allows you to connect and build your processes throughout your organization. This can be achieved through customized workflows, documents and forms that expand on your data in Office 365 and open channels between the people and processes of your business.

Let Office 365 become your voice

Between the humans and machines that drive your business, your voice is the higher expression that needs to be heard.

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Transform Office 365 with your creativity

Digitalspace added to Office 365 to vastly improve your workflow capabilities. Introduce users, assign licenses, and automate the provisioning of SharePoint sites, collections, and resources. Digitalspace provides useful services such as assigning and tracking IT helpdesk tickets and customer support cases, managing budget reviews and leave requests and collating and publishing content to third-party repositories.

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Give power to your processes

Digitalspace automates, manages and optimizes your business processes from end to end. Your workflow is now powered with such actions as advanced business rules, conditional start, and scheduled workflows. You can create responsive forms or automatically generate and sign documents, and all can be accessed through mobile apps or offline.

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Want to see your processes in action like never before?
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A powerful way to increase your efficiency

It has never been so easy to enable your teams to be connected with Office 365 and to benefit from the tremendous value of the latest innovation such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

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Highly scalable and flexible to deploy. You can run Digitalspace across On-Premise, Hybrid, Private and Public Cloud environments.

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Born to be smart

Chatbot, Voice, AI, Blockchain... All the latest innovation in an integrated and micro-services based platform.

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Pre-built integrations to connect Office 365, your ERP and legacy systems.with Digitalspace.

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