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Reduce your commercial and reputational risks by knowing better your customer with eKYC, the First-in-class solution for KYC compliance employing automated checks for AML and AFC to meet regulatory requirements.

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Transparency, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Financial Crimes (AFC) regulation are key for financial institutions. They cannot afford reputational risk affecting dramatically their image. Therefore the KYC principle is an essential pillar to mitigate those risks. We know at Digitalspace that building a plausible and consistent Source of Wealth (SoW) can be challenging and time-consuming.

Automation and Data insights assessment

Automation and assessment of data insights is the answer in order to collect, assess and provide significant and relevant information. eKYC by Digitalspace is the First-in-class solution for KYC compliance employing automated checks for AML and AFC to meet regulatory requirements.

automated KYC

Prevent damage to reputation

Transparency and regulation are increasingly important for organizations so clarifying sources of wealth is essential. Regulatory and non-compliance penalties are minimum requirements, while reputational damage is an additional concern.

regulatory risks

Focus on risk

E-KYC by Digitalspace is a solution for KYC compliance employing checks for anti-bribery, corruption (ABC) anti-money laundering (AML) that make sure all regulatory responsibilities are met. This solution also highlights any risks in exchanges with clients and donors.

ABC management

Source of Wealth processes through automation

Developing an accurate and reliable Source of Wealth process can be a time-consuming challenge. Automation is the answer, by improving operational efficiency, data quality, and removing undesirable information and interruptions.

KYC process automation

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It has never been so easy to build a plausible Source of Wealth and to benefit from the tremendous value of the latest innovation such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

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Highly scalable and flexible to deploy. You can run Digitalspace across On-Premise, Hybrid, Private and Public Cloud environments.

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Born to be smart

Chatbot, Voice, AI, Blockchain... All the latest innovation in an integrated and micro-services based platform.

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Pre-built integrations to connect with your Core Banking platform, onboarding systems, and risk intelligence databases.




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