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Use Digitalspace with or Oracle Sales Cloud and make meaningful connections with your customers. Reduce time and expense caused by document generation, workflows, opportunity management, and e-signatures.

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The tremendous potential of Digitalspace and CRM

CRM by Digitalspace removes the time, expense and risk involved in document creation, routing, and approvals. Data can be converted into compliant documents and directly distributed throughout your organization. And more…

Let your CRM be your own voice

Between the humans and machines that drive your business, your voice is the expression that needs to be heard.

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Create compliant documents from your CRM data

Digitalspace enables the generation and storage of compliant, company-approved documents without manual operations. Information can be entered using a customizable form to flow into a preapproved Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF document automatically. Then it is stored in a record system, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or even Oracle Sales Cloud.

create compliant documents

Automate document workflows and eSignatures

Digitalspace makes it possible to avoid delays, enable collaboration, and obtain sign-offs quickly. Using a drag-and-drop builder makes it easier to create workflows, while they can also be automatically triggered when changes to your CRM records are detected. Customer sign-offs can be expedited with eSignature capabilities, as well as tasks auto-assigned and alerts given.

Digital process automation

CRM data activated remotely or on-site

Digitalspace Builder makes it possible to keep business processes flowing and CRM records up to date. For sales teams and customers alike, information can be captured to record details or request a quote. This can then generate a document or trigger a workflow – and the process can all be kept completely mobile.

CRM on-the-go

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A powerful way to increase your efficiency

It has never been so easy to enable your teams to be connected with or Oracle Sales Cloud and to benefit from the tremendous value of the latest innovation such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

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Highly scalable and flexible to deploy. You can run Digitalspace across On-Premise, Hybrid, Private and Public Cloud environments.

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Born to be smart

Chatbot, Voice, AI, Blockchain... All the latest innovation in an integrated and micro-services based platform.

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Pre-built integrations to connect and Oracle Sales Cloud with Digitalspace.

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