How Blockchain Will Enable Business Growth in 2020

13 January 2020 in Industry

How Blockchain Will Enable Business Growth in 2020

Blockchain is a tremendous opportunity for companies to streamline business processes and improve customer relations and data security. It can transform businesses by making it easier to make transactions in a digital space.

Blockchain provides a safer environment as records and transactions cannot be changed once they are submitted. There are also various other blockchain solutions that can help grow business.

Self-executing smart contracts do not require an intermediary, such as a notary of a lawyer. Terms and conditions can be written into the code of the contract by both parties and contracts cannot be closed so parties need to respect the agreement. Payments cannot be postponed but must be paid on time and full refunds are given when one party decides to leave the contract.

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are used by Blockchain and can be useful when outsourcing. Transaction fees can be avoided, which is especially useful when making deposits in foreign currency. The costs of banking and remittance services can also be avoided. Payment records are stored on the blockchain itself and these can be checked at any time to maintain transparency and avoid overpaying taxes.

Blockchain can improve customer relations by enabling the development of digital IDs for customers and employees. This can help to reduce fraud and enhance other areas of cybersecurity. Blockchain data cannot be altered and can be used to keep track of individual customer relationships through transactions and payments. This can be used to inform communications with customers and form a solid customer base.

Human resources departments have their own demand for blockchain technology in verifying the records of job applicants. This can include checking identity, academic achievements, previous experience, and references, which can all be stored on blockchain profiles. Dishonesty will no longer be an option for potential candidates.

In addition to allowing businesses to keep track of customer relationships, blockchain can also implement gift cards and loyalty programs for loyal customers. Numerous companies have already introduced digital gift cards on blockchain’s ledger. These do not involve a third party and are more secure and affordable. There will be less confusion for customers redeeming gift cards and no chance of forgery.

Blockchain has the potential to transform cloud storage, as blockchain data cannot be changed so is totally secure. This is extremely appealing to businesses seeking to protect their sensitive data from data breaches or cyberattacks. As a decentralized system, the costs are less than those of a central hub and data can be accessed from any device by an authorized individual. Businesses can also have access to secure reports and big data analytics. Blockchain technology is having a considerable impact on the business world. It will help businesses to become more efficient, streamlined and secure, with an improved customer and client relations.